Jan 27, 2024

Press outage will disrupt Tuesday print news delivery

A contractor severed an internet line Monday afternoon in Berthoud, Colo., which caused a widespread outage affecting many, including operations at the press where The Fort Morgan Times and Sterling Journal-Advocate are printed.

As a result, subscribers will not receive the Tuesday edition of their newspaper today and are invited to access the e-edition.

"The newspaper's press and IT staff worked late into the night to find printing solutions," Publisher Brian Porter said. "The machine which creates plates for printing requires this service, and the newspaper cannot be printed without these plates."

The outage affected delivery of newspapers ranging from the Eastern Plains to the Front Range and into other mountain communities, essentially all publications printed by Prairie Mountain Media. Repairs are expected today and Tuesday print editions are expected to be in Wednesday's mail.

Subscribers are encouraged to access the e-edition by going to either or and clicking on "E-Edition" at the top left of the screen.

"We apologize for this disruption in service," Porter said. "Anyone with trouble accessing the e-edition should call 970-867-5651 for assistance, or to inquire as to how to add e-edition access to print subscriptions at no cost."

The newspaper also offers affordable digital-only access subscriptions which can also be secured by calling 970-867-5651, or online for Sterling here and for Fort Morgan here. Currently, an all-access digital subscription is being offered at an introductory rate of $3 for a year.

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