Jan 21, 2024

Control the chaos in Train Conductor World: European Railway

Embark on a new journey and visit the many wonders of Europe while controlling the railway. Train Conductor World: European Railway is a puzzle adventure where you must manage the trains. Direct them to the correct tracks, stop them when necessary to avoid a crash, and earn pieces of tracks to broaden your network across the continent.

As the trains move in on different tracks, tap to direct them to the correct ones. Trains one, two, and three all need to be on tracks with the same number. Just tap and drag to see the line the train will take to its appropriate numbered and colored track.

Pay close attention to the railroad lights to see when trains are coming. Be prepared to quickly switch them to the correct tracks. You can stop and restart any train with a single tap. Just don't let them crash into each other.

As you succeed in the various areas of the European continent, you will earn pieces of railroad track. Then use these to complete the network to the next location. In no time you will be visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris.

Train Conductor World: European Railway is a vibrant, puzzle adventure. It moves fast, gets challenging, but remains fun. Just stay on your toes and get ready to make some split-second decisions in this upbeat journey across Europe. The game is designed for both iPhone and iPad and is available for free on the App Store with an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $1.99.

Train Conductor World: European Railway is available for free.

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