Jul 10, 2023

Empty slogans don’t make a defence policy

New Zealand deserves much better from Defence Minister Andrew Little than empty slogans justifying our involvement in the 5 eyes spy alliance.

In response to Māori Party policy to ditch the alliance Little says leaving five eyes would "threaten national security as well as global missions".

The opposite is true.

Our national security is threatened when we line up with the US and its aggressive stance to "contain China" and assert "full-spectrum dominance" of planet earth. This official US policy means total military control of the earth's land, sea, air and space alongside diplomatic, cultural and economic domination. Classic imperialism.

And what "global missions" are threatened by leaving five eyes? the invasion of Afghanistan? the occupation of Iraq? the destruction of Libya? and Syria? supporting vicious dictators? Supporting the brutal oppression of the Palestinian people? the destruction of democracy in so many countries? (Syria 1949, Iran 1953, Chile 1973 and dozens of others)

The US always acts in what it sees as its own global interests without consideration for democracy or human rights or the interests of New Zealand for that matter.

In fact the US is the only country which imposes sanctions on New Zealand with punitive tariffs on aluminium and steel. Trump unilaterally imposed these sanctions and they are being continued under Biden. Our wimpish government hasn't made a whimper in protest.

New Zealand does not share American values and congratulations to the Māori Party for the courage to say this aloud.

The Māori Party's principled policy to leave the five eyes spy alliance is a welcome breath of fresh air.